Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hello everyone. 2day is a good day 4 craft'n. Both projects I have made use'n  my new Cameo. I have had my new toy 4 about a month r so and have been n tears, lol, cuz I have been try'n 2 learn everything at once instead of as I go, but I am learn'n. So with that said, I want everyone 2 have a wonderfun day, leave all the comments u can and thx 4 visit'n my blog. Love u all out there n the Scrap world.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

GM all, this message is from Scrapping With Lisa's Designs. She wants u 2 know that it is time for Monday freebie. The pattern of the week is a kangaroo. If you go to then you can find the freebie to download. Please share what you do with your free kangaroo, I love to see all your work.