Sunday, October 23, 2011

Welcome to the French Connection Designs

Hi, welcome to my French Connection Designs.  My name is Evila French and I am a die hard crafter with an ultimate passion for handcrafted art.  I am a jack of all trades and I must say that I do master all.  I am attend many craft shows throughout Oklahoma and my handcrafted art is displayed in several stores in Vinita, Oklahoma.

I am truly blessed to be such a creative spirit.  I love creating and sharing with others one of my many talents.  I am new to the blog world but I am going to explore all the possibilities and let the world wide web see all my creative works.

I have recently started my passion for paper crafting and I am so blown by it that I would love to share my projects with you all.

So, sit back relax, enjoy a quiet evening while we create some fun and exciting craft projects together.

Here I will tell you want I am working on, my latest projects, and my latest adventures.

So, grab a chair and join me for the fun filled ADVENTURE with FRENCH CONNECTION Designs!!!

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  1. Hello Nana its your Granddaughter KK great job on the blog!!! :)