Sunday, June 10, 2012

As u can c I have not been here n awhile. I have a 12 yr old grandson, a 17 yr old grandaughter, which has started work, and the hubby and the dog don't make it any better, lol. My craft'n mojo has been on the downside, also. When u r not use 2 have'n children n ur home, it takes u 2 a whole new level. Can't wait til school starts, LOL. The house will b back n order, WEEEEEEE. Now 2 the serious stuff, this card was Inspirted by Christina 1716 on youtube.  Check her out, she has sum nice tutorials. Would love 2 hear what u think. Hope u like it and thx 4 visit'n my blog. I would also love it if u would become a member. I just love new crafty friends. Have a wonderfun day.

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