Sunday, February 12, 2012

Handcrafted Jewelry and Quilt by Me

This is the other side of me. I have always been a busybody and always have 2 be on the move. I am a talker and like work'n w/my hands. What is sooo cool about this is, I can do both at the same x, lol. BTW, this is my 1st quilt. Plz leave ur comments and if u would, Plz become a follower. Once again I do thx u 4 the visit.

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  1. Beautiful jewelry check out my shop on madefromtheocean. I make sea kelp baskets and starting to make jewelry and doggie kelp treats. Nothing fancy but it stays with my theme and everything I find on the shoreline of the Oregon coast I make something from it. I would love to learn stitching and better techniques on making jewelry. Thanks Michelle